Recycling Arcade

Some members of the Student Environmental Action League (or SEAL) have made plans for an arcade machine that promotes recycling and show it off at ImagineRIT. I joined them to help build the games that the machine will play. Last year, they developed a Simon Says style game in which a light glows over one of four holes, and you points are scored by throwing a recycled bottle into one of the slots. It was cool, but unfortunately not very practical. Not many people want to carry about bags full of recycled bottles. This year’s version will have arcade games that you that you can choose to pay by throwing in one bottle.

Within the next few weeks, we will meet to discuss how many games we will make and what kind of games they will be. This project should be a good chance to improve my skills in Actionscript as well as pixel art. The main goal is to have a decent variety of unique games (ie. a dozen 2D space shooters gets kinda boring).

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