It’s hard out here for a student…

I was pretty nervous when I dialed the first company. I’ve applied for existing jobs before, but I’ve never inquired about working someplace that wasn’t necessarily looking for anyone. I received some helpful tips from a professor regarding how to approach people when inquiring about a job and setting up my personal website and resume, so I went about doing some background research on the companies I planned out calling and started dialing. My results so far (to be edited as I apply at more companies)…

-Company One’ HR rep wasn’t there today. I was asked if I wanted to leave a voicemail, but I had no idea what I would say so I declined and plan to call again later.
-Company Two was bought out back in August. Bah humbug.
-Company Three’s website says they are in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts.
-Company Four said they would take a resume through email, so I’m making one at 10:30 at night to send out tomorrow.

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