SSX Blur: The Game Analysis

SSX Blur is a snowboarding game where the player participates in a variety of racing and trick based competitions. Players start by choosing from one of three mountain peaks, and from there a variety of mission types built around sections of these large areas. While each level has its own specific rules, the goal is to complete the run with either the shortest possible time or highest possible point score. The player uses the Wiimote and Nunchuk in tandem to control their character in the newest iteration of the SSX series.

SSX Blur takes on a more colorful and cartoonish look than previous titles have in the series, which feels more in line with the over-the-top nature of the  game. This choice of style makes up for the lack of graphical ability of the Nintendo Wii by presenting the world in a different, yet still pleasing format. The upbeat soundtrack also adds to the excited atmosphere as players carve down the mountain and soar into the air from incredible jumps. The design of the tracks tend to be less complex than those seen in previous titles.


The most interesting aspects of this game is its control scheme. Blur makes full use all of the buttons as well as the motion tracking of the Wiimote and Nunchuk. An interesting mix of tilting, waggling, joystick movement, and button presses can be found as the player carves down the moutaintop and through an endless sea of snow. The changes made to performing Uber Tricks, the gravity defying sensations that yield the biggest point rewards, in particular were anything but minor. In previous games, players needed to hold a certain combination of buttons down at the same time. In Blur, they are performed moving the Wiimote (and sometimes the Nunchuk as well) around in some pattern, such as a zigzag or a heart.

SSX Blur – Latest Screens of Wii Snowboarder News image

While these redesigned controls will come as a breath of fresh air for some, others will be turned away by the updates to the mechanics. The new controls can take several days to get accustomed to, a learning curve much steeper than those seen in previous entries in the SSX series. Uber Tricks, while feeling much much more rewarding upon completion in Blur, require more practice than many fans are used to or may be willing to put in. In addition, the fact that the game has no alternate methods of control could prove to be troublesome for those without optimum conditions for using the Wii.

Ultimately, I would purchase SSX Blur. While the game does come with a bit of a learning curve, its entertaining gameplay makes up for it in spades. If a sequel were to be released for Blur (wink wink), I would look into multiple control schemes designed to suit a variety of players, along with more complexity put into the designs of the stages and an overall increase of the number of them.

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