Game Developer’s Conference – Day 1

After a fair bit of effort to get into the city via public transportation, I arrived at the IGDA chapter meeting (kinda late, but thankfully not the last person to show up) and listened in as they discussed developments within the organization. After the meeting ended, I had a chance to go around and introduce myself to  some of the other chapter leaders and talk to them a little. The amount of resources available to use for chapter business was impressive, and Zach and I were able to get some interesting ideas for how to direct our chapter meetings.

After picking up my pass (and lamenting the lack of a bag to carry things in) we began to explore the Moscone Center. Even though we didn’t have access to the talks going on, there were still some interesting booths already set up, and lots of people to talk to. I met alumni from several schools in the New York area, including RIT, and even the creator of one school’s curriculum. Our day was cut short a little earlier than I would have liked, but was satisfying nonetheless.

The most interesting thing I learned about would have to be the amount of game development related things happening in my home state of Georgia, particularly Atlanta. One of my main reasons for leaving  was because my research into schools led me to believe there was nothing there. While I certainly don’t regret the decision to go to RIT, the lower cost and convinience of the schools and jobs close to home is certainly appealing.

My second day will most likely be centered around seeing the rest of San Francisco, but everything after that is GDC!

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