Shipping My Own Title

Earlier this week,  I successfully published my first game. The not-so-cleverly titled “A Block Stacking Game” is a  puzzle game in which you move a platform back and forth across the screen to catch blocks that are falling from the sky and create a stack that reaches the top as fast as you can. However, the blocks are subject to the laws of physics. This means that you must move and rotate the blocks to build as solid a structure as you can to keep your stack stable.

Despite my efforts, I was unable to obtain an internship for the summer. So, to keep myself busy, I decided to try my hand at some mobile development. From working on this game, I realized that programming is not nearly as painful as I usually find it when I’m doing it for school. Being able to work on my own project at my own pace made me much more motivated to delve into the code and learn what was needed. I also found it a fun design challenge, as casual games require careful scoping and balance to keep them focused on a single focal point.

A Block Stacking Game is available on Amazon for Android, and should hopefully be on Google Play’s Android Market within the next few days.

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