The Roughnecks… Rebuilt

After starting and stopping several portfolio pieces that I just wasn’t happy with, I decided to try something different and build a small game myself. To be more precise, I’ll be rebuilding the RTS project I was toying around with in Unreal Engine 4. The project seemed like a great way to learn more about the engine, and I already know the general design direction that The Roughnecks will head in.

Level Breakdown 3

The Roughnecks is a scaled down RTS designed with the goal of being a casual strategy game. There is no economy to manage, no resources to gather, not even any units to build and train. In each level, the players will receive a predetermined selection of units that they must use to defeat all enemy troops. The player assumes the role a “god” unit that gives commands to troops throughout the stage. Neither side will gain additional forces during a battle. In some ways, The Roughnecks may feel more like a puzzle game than a traditional RTS.

Level Breakdown 4

Currently, the the player can roam the level as the god unit, select/deselect units (current all units are a basic Test Unit class), and order them to move around the level. Units can be deselected and will continue to their last given destination, or manually halted by the player. These units will also avoid obstacles on their journey towards the given location. I’ve worked up a rough To-Do list for the project, and will post a few more updates as I work on it. Once this list has been completed, I’ll post the playable demo, and we’ll see what happens from there.

  • PlayerUnit and EnemyUnit functionality, built out of TestUnit
  • Combat between units
  • Unit types (Currently seven planned)
  • Enemy unit AI
  • UI
  • Level Design
  • Menus
  • Playable Demo Released

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