Roughnecks Progress Report 2

I had to put this project on hold while I devoted time to some job applications/interviews, but I am back with development updates. I have implemented six unit types for both the player and enemy to use, and began to work on the AI patterns.

Screenshot 1

Each unit type will have its own AI pattern, so units greatly benefit from parent/child functionality. Shared logic passed down from the base class, so child classes just need assets, stats, and their AI pattern implemented. In addition, I decided to make the player and enemy versions of each unit separate classes. While this does mean that each unit type would have to be added in twice, I thought it would be much easier than trying to discern which pattern the unit needs at runtime. The small bit of extra work saves me a whole lot of frustration down the road.

Screenshot 2

I unfortunately could not find the art assets for 2 of the units I was planning on implementing, so I decided to simply cut them for the time being. They can easily be added at a later point, but I want to focus on getting close to a playable demo state right now. I am starting with the turret since it will be the easiest, followed by light infantry, and continuing from there. Since I built this project once before in Unity, I already have a rough idea of how the patterns should function and how I can go about implementing them.

  • PlayerUnit and EnemyUnit functionality, built out of TestUnit
  • Combat between units
  • Unit types
    • Artillery
    • Helicopter
    • Lt. Infantry (Rifle)
    • Hvy. Infantry (Flamethrower)
    • Tank
    • Turret
  • Enemy unit AI
    •  Artillery
    •  Helicopter
    • Lt. Infantry (Rifle)
    • Hvy. Infantry (Flamethrower)
    •  Tank
    •  Turret
  • UI
    • Player Info
    • Enemy Info
    • HUD
  • Level Design (Currently five planned)
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
    • Level 4
    • Level 5
  • Menus
    • Pause
    • Main Menu
    • Level Select
  • Misc
    • Visual Effect to show active units
  • Playable Demo Released

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