Project Milestone: Expo Submission

Yesterday, I hit the milestone of getting a build ready to submit to a game expo. This will be my entering a game I’ve worked on into an event like this, and I’m pretty excited to have a presentable build to show off.

My focus was on having a build that met the following criteria.

  1. All of the core mechanics in place. There will be room for polish features later, but anyone who picks up the game should get a general sense of what the game is supposed to be. This included
    • Movement mechanics for the player
    • Single player and co-operative mode
    • A UI that can be navigated
    • The complete game loop of entering a level, completing it, reaching the and the results, and being able to replay or choose a new one
  2. No game-breaking bugs. The game shouldn’t be crashing on load, or when taking any basic action expected of players during a game session.
  3. Levels that sell the idea. There are a number of levels of varying level of quality built so far. Rather than toss in everything I have, I decided to pick out a few that best present the idea of “a team in a relay race”.
  4. Finalized assets. While most of the UI is still stock assets, the character animations and level assets are mostly complete, giving the project some sense of quality despite being a work in progress.

I was able to close out all of the GitHub tickets I aimed to complete for this mile with a some time for final testing. I actually found a bug in the first version of the build, and the breathing room gave me time to hotfix it and prepare another.


While I wait to hear back about GDoC, the next milestone is to have an improved build to show off at BlerDCon.

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