Back From the Dead… Again

So I’ve had another very long gap since my last post (linked below). The short explanation is that I was working on a game with some friends that we eventually cancelled because it was way overscoped, and we simply didn’t have the resources (manpower, knowledge, experience, money) necessary to bring that game to life. I […]

Back From The Dead

  Didn’t realize it’d been 15 months since my last update. Time sure has flown by… I’m now working on a very exciting project with some good friends of mine. Pretty soon I’m going to start a series of dev blogs about my work on the project. Really can’t wait for everyone to see what […]

Roughnecks Progress Report 3

Time for another update; possibly the last one before I have a playable demo out. The movement patterns for each of the six units has been completed, along with a very rough UI system. At this point, the game is more or less playable. I’m excited to see this project move along, and can’t wait […]