Roughnecks Progress Report 1

A week and a half later, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve gotten working. The basic “player” and “enemy” units can move around, fight, and defeat one another in-game. These base classes will be used as the archetypes for all of the units added in-game. Instead of having to rebuild functionality for each one, […]

The Roughnecks… Rebuilt

After starting and stopping several portfolio pieces that I just wasn’t happy with, I decided to try something different and build a small game myself. To be more precise, I’ll be rebuilding the RTS project I was toying around with in Unreal Engine 4. The project seemed like a great way to learn more about […]

Level Breakdown: Island Assault

For this piece, I decided to try designing a level around an aerial dog-fighting game such as the Star Fox or Ace Combat series. The player will have a mission objective or objectives that may change depending as the player progressing through the level. While in game, the player is free to fly around to […]

Level Breakdown: Red Desert

For this project, I wanted to try something very different from what I’ve done in the past. I decided to experiment with world design, creating a small piece of the environment that the game takes place in. Rather than building a level which is exists by itself, this area would be a part of the […]