A Little on Networking

GDC is an exciting time for me largely because it introduces me to a world full of developers. I enjoy meeting people and talking about their backgrounds, hobbies, and what they do for a living, so the thousands of people that come to San Francisco each year is like an amusement park for me. A […]

Game Developer’s Conference – Day 1

After a fair bit of effort to get into the city via public transportation, I arrived at the IGDA chapter meeting (kinda late, but thankfully not the last person to show up) and listened in as they discussed developments within the organization. After the meeting ended, I had a chance to go around and introduce […]

IGDA Co-President!

My friend Zach Hoefler and I decided to become co-presidents for the Rochester chapter of the IGDA. ¬†We discovered that the current president is graduating from RIT in about a month, and thought that filling the role would be a great opportunity to be more involved with the game development community. Zach should hopefully be […]