My First Steps into the Industry

This summer, I was lucky enough to get an internship working as QA at Hi-Rez Studios, an Atlanta based developer behind the MMO shooter Global Agenda. I admit that I was a bit nervous, as a few of my classmates didn’t see the job as the most… respected position. With responses ranging from “Playtesting intern? […]

Resume Mishaps

So I ended today with a call to my fourth company. I was told that they prefer to handle such things over email, and that the HR rep “would be more than happy to take a look at my resume if I send it”. I got really excited, until I realized I’d procrastinated on putting […]

It’s hard out here for a student…

I was pretty nervous when I dialed the first company. I’ve applied for existing jobs before, but I’ve never inquired about working someplace that wasn’t necessarily looking for anyone. I received some helpful tips from a professor regarding how to approach people when inquiring about a job and setting up my personal website and resume, […]