Level Breakdown: Great Siege

At last week’s GDC confernece, Unity Technologies revealed the latest version of their popular Unity game engine. I was pleased to see that not only could I use the personal version for free, but that Unity 5 gives all users full access to the engine and its features. I thought this would be a great […]

Designing for the Wii-U

Nintendo’s latest video game console, the Wii-U, hit shelves all across the world two months ago. The most notable feature of this new console is the GamePad, the system’s controller, which is a hybrid of a tablet and a more traditional game controller. There has been quite a bit of discussion amongst developers as to […]

SSX Blur: The Game Analysis

SSX Blur is a snowboarding game where the player participates in a variety of racing and trick based competitions. Players start by choosing from one of three mountain peaks, and from there a variety of mission types built around sections of these large areas. While each level has its own specific rules, the goal is […]