The Roughnecks… Rebuilt

After starting and stopping several portfolio pieces that I just wasn’t happy with, I decided to try something different and build a small game myself. To be more precise, I’ll be rebuilding the RTS project I was toying around with in Unreal Engine 4. The project seemed like a great way to learn more about […]

Level Breakdown: Great Siege

At last week’s GDC confernece, Unity Technologies revealed the latest version of their popular Unity game engine. I was pleased to see that not only could I use the personal version for free, but that Unity 5 gives all users full access to the engine and its features. I thought this would be a great […]

Roughnecks: Level Breakdown #2

Huzzah, another level breakdown for mobile strategy game, The Roughnecks. Since I already have an explanation of the units currently in the game and how they work, I’m going to jump right into how this level is set up. I’m thinking that this level will actually be the one used to introduce the helicopter unit. […]

Roughnecks Revisited

After fumbling around with the enemy behaviors some more and frustrating myself at their incessant need to run into walls, I decided to take a break from the project and just come back to it in a few weeks. After opening it up the other day, it occurred to me that all of these behaviors […]