Roughnecks Progress Report 3

Time for another update; possibly the last one before I have a playable demo out. The movement patterns for each of the six units has been completed, along with a very rough UI system. At this point, the game is more or less playable. I’m excited to see this project move along, and can’t wait […]

Roughnecks Progress Report 1

A week and a half later, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve gotten working. The basic “player” and “enemy” units can move around, fight, and defeat one another in-game. These base classes will be used as the archetypes for all of the units added in-game. Instead of having to rebuild functionality for each one, […]

The Roughnecks… Rebuilt

After starting and stopping several portfolio pieces that I just wasn’t happy with, I decided to try something different and build a small game myself. To be more precise, I’ll be rebuilding the RTS project I was toying around with in Unreal Engine 4. The project seemed like a great way to learn more about […]