Roughnecks Demo: Version 1.0

So here it is. Version 1.0 of The Roughnecks. I’m rather happy with how it’s coming along so far, as well as how much I’ve learned from building this project. I’m actually excited to see how much more I can do to improve/expand on what I have right now.

Screenshot 1

This demo contains five playable levels, and six different unit types. Each unit has different statistics in terms of attack strength, fire rate, attack range, and so on. The goal of each mission is to eliminate all of the enemy units from the map while keeping as many of your units alive as possible. Currently, the player only needs one unit to survive to complete the mission. Additional content and game features will be added in future versions. A text file with the controls and basic instructions on how to play has been included.

Screenshot 2

Below you will find a link to both the game and an online survey. The survey is just a quick and easy way to send feedback on the game so far. Feedback can be sent in other ways (social media, commenting here, etc.), but the survey offers me a convenient method of keeping feedback organized and in one place.
Demo Video:
Game Download:
Online Survey:

Screenshot 3

Below is a list of my plans for Roughnecks for the next phase of the project. This list will be edited as I get more feedback on the project. Portfolio projects like this are never “done”, so I decided to simply release an early version of the game now, and continue improving for future iterations. I simply want something to show for each milestone reached.

  •  Gameplay
    • Units avoid the closest unit or obstacle impeding their path, instead of the first one in the queue
    • Units steer left or right based on which will lead to their destination faster
    • Fix bullets going through obstacles
    • Adjust click interface for tank, artillery, helicopter
    • Cutscene fly-through of the level before start of each level
    • Fix double-click required to activate units after de-selecting all active units
  • Level
    • Slow down moving blocks on level 4
    • Fix collision tags on Level 5 so only helicopters can move over water
  • UI
    • Mini-Map
    • Adjust unit info text placement for each unit
  • Art
    • Redo levels with less dynamic lighting (possible cause for low frame rate)
  • Misc
    • Read over demo feedback surveys
    • Add comments for all variables and methods
    • Figure out why frame rate is so much lower in standalone build than running from editor
    • Learn about optimization
    • Gather ideas for other unit types

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